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It is debatable whether or not living together before marriage reduces the chance of divorceThe leaders of the two major political parties will have a debate on television tonight.

It is debatable whether or not living together before marriage reduces the chance of divorce.

We held a debate in class about capital punishment today.

The government is debating the possibility of raising taxes on cigarettes once again.

My wife and I are debating selling our house now that the children have moved away.

His debating skills are excellent, so he wins every argument he has.

The five-hundred-year-long debate about the identity of the person in the painting The Mona Lisa has yet to be settled.

The company is debating whether or not to get out of the clothing business and concentrate on its shoe stores.

Joseph Joubert once stated that it is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle it without debate.

My wife and I are debating whether we should buy a house or not.

The debate in Parliament today was particularly heated.

Adbusters Magazine once challenged a major producer of vodka to a public debate on the harmful effects of alcohol.

It is somewhat depressing to note that one of the biggest debates on campus last year was over which soft drink to carry in the university vending machines.

We debated the pros and cons of the idea for a few days, but ultimately decided to go for it.

The national emblem of Belarus has undergone a great deal of debate over the past few years and its design has been changed several times.

In 1955, the French delegation to the U.N. withdrew after the world organization voted to debate the situation in Algeria.

Spirited debate and competition are the essence of creativity.

A recent report noted that while the developed nations debate how to fuel their power plants, a quarter of the world's population have no access to electricity or gasoline.

The extent to which German citizens knew of the mass murder of Jews has been a much debated issue.

Amos Alcott once suggested that debate is masculine, conversation is feminine.

Find someone who has participated in a debate.

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