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Athletes competing in very hot climates have to be very careful not to become dehydratedSea animals must retain moisture when the tide is low in order to prevent dehydration.

Athletes competing in very hot climates have to be very careful not to become dehydrated.

We dehydrated some fruit in the oven to take on our hiking trip.

He became dehydrated during the game because he didn't drink anything during the breaks.

A young boy was found after being lost in the woods for 2 days. He was cold, tired and a little dehydrated, but other than that, he was fine.

Children who suffer from diarrhea also get dehydrated because their bodies can't retain any moisture.

To protect against dehydration, crabs hide under rocks when the tide is low.

You should drink lots of water while you are playing sports so that you don't become dehydrated.

Because of an incredible anti-dehydration system, some cactus species release 1/600th the moisture of an ordinary plant the same size.

Alcohol causes the cells in our body to become dehydrated, so one way to minimize a hang-over is to drink a couple of glasses of water after each alcoholic drink.

Those doing strenuous exercise should avoid beverages with caffeine and alcohol, both of which can cause dehydration.

Senior citizens are at greater risk for dehydration than younger people because their bodies are less effective at letting them know when they need water.

Dehydration occurs when your body loses too much water.

Sports drinks, juice and pop are not good for treating dehydration because they have too much sugar, and not enough of the minerals that are being lost.

Instead of drinking, giraffes can sometimes stay hydrated by using the moisture from leaves.

The camel can withstand severe dehydration, making it the perfect animal for transportation in the desert.

In Egypt, people are encouraged to eat lots of cucumbers in order to avoid dehydration.

Make sure to drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and young looking.

Water is the most important source of hydration to meet the body's needs.

Studies show that an estimated 75 percent of North Americans are chronically dehydrated.

Beauty experts say that cucumber helps cool, soothe, refresh and hydrate the skin.

Find someone who has felt dehydrated after doing physical activity.

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