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We are very lucky to be living in a truly democratic societyA large number of university students were imprisoned after demonstrating for democracy in the nation's capital.

We are very lucky to be living in a truly democratic society.

The new President is said to be a true democrat who will restore real political debate to the nation.

Decisions within the group are made democratically, with an open vote.

The spread of democracy in Eastern Europe has brought both positive and negative results.

The United Nations observers have stated that the country's first democratic election was fair.

Decisions regarding social activities and homework load were made democratically by the students in the class.

Winston Churchill once said, Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.

Irving Kristol once observed that democracy does not guarantee equality of conditions - it only guarantees equality of opportunity.

Laurence Peter once said that democracy is a process by which the people are free to choose the man who will get the blame.

Former Chilean President Augusto Pinochet once said that sometimes democracy must be bathed in blood.

Winston Churchill once said that the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

Zaire, the name of one of the largest countries in Africa, was changed in 1997 to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Greece, the cradle of democracy, granted women the right to vote in national elections in 1952.

In March of 1996, Lee Teng-hui was sworn in as Taiwan's first democratically-elected President.

Matthew Fox once noted that the technological achievement of the invention of the printing press has effectively democratized knowledge by making it available to everyone.

David Suzuki once noted that democracy is most challenged when faced with a crisis.

In the beginning of democracy in America, the right to vote was restricted to white male property owners.

Find someone who comes from a country which has only become democratic in the past 25 years.

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