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Earth's atmosphere is 1000 times less dense than waterIt took us hours to hike through the dense undergrowth of the forest to the beach.

Earth's atmosphere is 1000 times less dense than water.

The fog was so dense that we had to stop the car and wait for it to clear.

The dry climate of Australia limits the density and diversity of living things in that land.

Research suggests that population densities in ancient Australia varied directly with rainfall.

During the Classic period of the Maya civilization, the great city of Tikal thrived in dense lowland jungle of what is now part of Guatemala.

It took Bilbo and his companions days to hike through the dense forest of Mirkwood.

Bangladesh is the most densely populated non-island region in the world.

Greater Toronto is the most densely populated region in Canada.

Isaac Newton's estimates regarding the mass and density of the earth weren't demonstrated by science until a century after his death.

Newton estimated correctly that the earth had a mass of 6,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons, and a density of about five and a half times that of water.

Ice floats because water has a greater molecular density in liquid form than as a solid.

Theoretical models of the planet Jupiter suggest that it contains a core of dense material much like our rocks and metals.

He's about the densest person I've ever met. He thinks that dinosaurs still exist in Africa.

She's way too dense to understand what we're doing.

The interior of Mercury is believed to contain a large metallic core, which would account for the planet's high density.

Fire fighters were having trouble seeing in the dense smoke of the forest fire.

The density of Pluto suggests that it is made up of more than fifty percent rock mixed with ices.

A Ghanaian proverb notes that the family is like the forest: if you are outside, it is dense; if you are inside, you see that each tree has its own position.

A Latvian proverb observes that in dense woods the trees grow straight.

Larry McMurtry once noted that the lives of happy people are dense with their own doings.

Mason Cooley once remarked, A dense undergrowth of extension cords sustains my upper world of lights, music, and machines of comfort.

Friedrich Nietzsche once observed that strong currents drag many stones and bushes along with them, and strong intellects many dense and muddled minds.

Franz Grillparzer once stated, Why do villains have so much influence? Because the honest people are terribly dense.

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