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Sarah broke the vase by accident, but she denied having anything to do with it when her mother asked herShe was accused of cheating on the test, but she denied it.

Sarah broke the vase by accident, but she denied having anything to do with it when her mother asked her.

In spite of his denial, John's wife was convinced he was having an affair.

Ken denied cheating on the test, but the teacher clearly saw him copying someone else's answers.

We were denied entrance to the nightclub because we were wearing jeans.

Tiger Woods is undeniably the hottest young golfer in the world today.

Despite the suspect's repeated denials, the police charged him with the murder of his neighbor.

Johannes Kepler's three laws of planetary motion denied uniform circular motion.

Someone once said, Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many people.

There is a German proverb which states that a friendly denial is better than unwilling compliance.

There is no denying that computers have made most jobs much more efficient.

Harold Smith once noted that more people would learn from their mistakes if they weren't so busy denying they made them.

In October of 1939, during a speech to the German Parliament, Adolf Hitler denied any intention to wage war against Britain and France.

The Magna Carta states, To none will we sell, to none deny or delay, right or justice.

No one denies that he is a good worker, but I'm not sure if he is ready for a management position.

A California judge has ruled that there appears to be no rational purpose for denying marriage to gay couples.

That she is a beautiful dancer is undeniable. The question is, can she act?

In many developing countries, girls are marginalized and disadvantaged, and are denied access to a quality education.

Millions of children worldwide are being denied the opportunity to escape poverty, simply because they are unable to go to school.

After women replaced men in the factories during the First World War, it became illogical to continue to deny them the right to vote.

The influence of Ancient Greece and Rome on Western culture is undeniable.

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