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She was described as being tall, thin and mean-lookingCan you describe the man who stole your wallet?

His description of the events at the party was hilarious.

She was described as being tall, thin and mean-looking.

The meeting has been described as perhaps the most important in the last five years.

His description of the events leading up to the accident is somewhat unclear.

Police have issued a description of the man believed to have committed a series of violent rapes in the city.

He has always described his childhood as being very happy.

Please write a one-page essay describing your bedroom.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton once said, The only words that ever satisfied me as describing Nature are the terms used in fairy books: charm, spell, enchantment.

The Inuit have more than 20 words to describe snow.

Twenty kinds of kisses are described in the Kama Sutra, the classical Indian text on eroticism.

According to a recent poll, 49 percent of American fathers described themselves as better parents than their dads.

The conditions under which slaves were taken to the New World are almost indescribable.

At one stage in Peru's history, it was illegal to use the term Indians to describe the country's native people, as it was considered insulting.

Laundry hung on bamboo poles extending from the windows of highrise apartments in Singapore has jokingly been described as the country's national flag.

The feeling of winning the gold medal after preparing for it all my life was simply indescribable.

The chocolate was indescribably delicious.

The transition between sleep and waking has been described by psychologists as a change in one's degree of consciousness.

The ability of modern science to describe the internal structure of the moon is based on a variety of physical observations.

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