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At my son's baseball camp, they had a device that pitched balls at the batters to help them practice hittingHer father made a lot of money after inventing a device which helps you open jar lids that are on too tight.

At my son's baseball camp, they had a device that pitched balls at the batters to help them practice hitting.

Police received a bomb threat, and found an explosive device in a car parked outside a government office yesterday in London.

She has this really cool little electronic device that measures her heartbeat and stuff while she's doing any kind of physical activity.

I wish someone would invent some kind of device that would let you tell if someone was lying to you or not.

Sky-divers rely on a special device called an altimeter which tells them how high they are, and how fast they are falling, so they know when to open their parachute.

Competitors in a fencing tournament wear an electronic device which tells the judges when someone has made a hit on his opponent.

My sister-in-law is diabetic, and she wears a special device now that acts to keep her sugar levels constant.

A VCR is a device used to play videos.

The undercover detective was wearing a device under his hat which allowed police to record his conversations with a suspected drug dealer.

Duncan Cladwell once observed that Americans have more timesaving devices, and less time than any other people in the world.

In 1876, a spokesman for Western Union suggested that the telephone was a device of no value.

Dudley Moore once said that the best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it.

Someone once remarked that you should never let any mechanical device know that you are in a hurry.

Thomas Edison once developed a device to electrocute cockroaches.

In 1912 in Stockholm, the first electric timing devices and public address system were used at the Olympics.

Modern science has produced devices that will locate a human body buried under the snow.

You should have the pollution control devices in your car checked on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly.

1,125 nuclear devices were detonated in the U.S. for testing between 1945 and 1992.

Someone once joked that an alarm clock is a device for awakening people who don't have small children.

Discussion question: Television is a device which makes people lazy and stupid. True or false?

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