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The movie was okay, but there was too much dialog, and not enough actionIt was difficult for ESL students to understand the dialog in the film because the actors spoke very quickly, and used a lot of slang.

The movie was okay, but there was too much dialog, and not enough action.

I couldn't understand a lot of the dialog in the movie because the actors were speaking with a thick Scottish accent.

The U.S. has begun a dialog with the Russians in an effort to come to an agreement on the reduction of nuclear weapons.

The dialog in the book is really poorly written. It just seems forced and artificial.

The only way for the two groups to really know and understand each other is for them to establish some kind of regular dialog so that any problems that come up can be dealt with openly.

There was a lot of swearing in the dialog of that movie.

E. H. Carr once said that history is a dialog between the past and the present.

The dialog in the movie contains a lot of swearing and sexual references, and is not really suitable for children.

The dialogs and stories in a second language textbook provide models of how ideas are expressed in the foreign language.

If you are nervous performing a dialog with another student in class, reading it by yourself, and practising it ahead of time may help you to feel more comfortable.

The Khon dancers of Thailand do not speak, but are accompanied by a chorus that communicates the necessary dialog.

The government of Tunisia supports the peaceful settlement of conflicts, and dialog in its relations with foreign powers.

This latest attack appears to have dashed hopes for a resumption of political dialog between the two sides in the conflict.

Albert Schweitzer once said, I believe that world peace can only be achieved when there is freedom for people of all politics, religions, and races to exchange their views in a continuing dialog.

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