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She spoke to a dietician who gave her advice about the best way to lose weight, and keep it offShe is on a low-fat diet to reduce her risk of heart disease.

She spoke to a dietician who gave her advice about the best way to lose weight, and keep it off.

He has been on a diet for about a month, and has already lost 5 pounds.

It is not good for your health to diet too often. It's important to eat well and regularly.

The Japanese diet is apparently quite healthy, apart from the fact that they consume a bit too much salt.

Our family eats a diet which is rich in fruit and vegetables.

Too many young girls in our society are dieting, in an attempt to look like skinny super-models.

Jackie Gleason once said that the second day of a diet is always easier than the first because by the second day you're off it.

There is a Scottish proverb which states that diet cures more than doctors.

Gorillas do not seem to need to drink, due to the high moisture content of their diet.

An African elephant's diet consists of twigs, leaves, grasses, and fruit.

The diet of many people in poorer areas of the world does not supply enough protein.

Someone once joked that Americans have more food to eat than any other people on Earth, and more diets to keep them from eating it.

The Rastafarians of Jamaica observe dietary laws which are similar to that of the Jewish religion.

Almost 25% of the population of India is too poor to be able to afford an adequate diet.

It has been suggested that up to forty percent of all stress can be attributed to poor diet.

According to a recent study, seventy percent of teenage girls in this country are either on a diet or think they should lose weight.

Discussion question: What do you think would be a good diet for someone trying to lose weight?

Find someone who has been on a diet.

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