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From time to time, as crabs grow, their shells become too small, and must be discardedIn one year, the hotels here in town discard 70,000 kilograms of little bars of soap.

From time to time, as crabs grow, their shells become too small, and must be discarded. They then have a new soft shell underneath which slowly hardens over a period of a couple of days.

During the brainstorming process, we don't discard any ideas until they have been thoroughly discussed.

The old man was walking along the sidewalk with his head down, looking for discarded cigarette butts.

Don't discard any of those boxes from the photocopy paper delivery. Joan is moving into a new apartment, and she needs some boxes.

We have just opened a retail store that sells discards from a jeans factory for about a quarter of the price of regular jeans.

Before cooking the clams, discard any whose shell isn't completely closed.

We cook the left-over turkey bones and stuff for about an hour, and then discard everything but the liquid, which can be used as a soup base.

We have a box full of toys that the kids have discarded over the years. We'll bring them over to your place, so your children can see if there's anything they want.

Don't discard that packing material. It can be re-used in the office when stuff is being sent out.

There are a lot of drug users in this area, and the alley behind our store is often littered with discarded syringes.

Crabs can escape danger by simply discarding an injured or trapped limb.

Studies suggest that almost 50 percent of the space in city dumps in the U.S. is taken up by discarded packaging.

Around 250 million automobile tires are discarded in the United States each year.

When Disney began working on the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, some of the dwarfs' names which were considered, and then discarded, included Scrappy, Doleful, Crabby, Wistful, Dumpy, Soulful, Tearful, Snappy, Helpful, Gaspy, Gloomy, Busy, Dirty, Awful, Dizzy, Shifty, and Biggy-Wiggy.

Lewis Mumford once suggested that for most Americans, progress means accepting what is new because it is new, and discarding what is old because it is old.

Gelett Burgess once said that if in the last few years you haven't discarded a major opinion or acquired a new one, check your pulse. You may be dead.

Hilda Lawrence once remarked that the things people discard tell more about them than the things they keep.

Thomas Edison once stated, I am not discouraged because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.

Shakespeare once noted that changes in fashion often cause people to discard clothing before it is worn out.

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