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Example Sentences for "drip"

I think it needs to be fixedThe tap is dripping. I think it needs to be fixed.

Blood was dripping from a cut on his forehead.

The candles are dripping wax on the carpet.

The sweat from his forehead was dripping into his eyes by the end of the game.

There is a large drip of paint on the floor.

The snow was melting, and water dripped from the trees.

Jackson Pollock created his most celebrated pictures by dripping paint from the end of a stick or brush onto a canvas spread on the floor.

Make sure you spread newspaper on the floor to catch any drips of paint.

Her voice was dripping with anger and hostility.

Water was dripping from his nose as he stood waiting in the rain.

A dripping hot water faucet wastes about 40 kilowatt-hours of electricity each month, enough to run a color television 8 hours a day for the entire month.

Candles burn more slowly, and drip less if they are placed in the freezer for an hour before using.

A Peruvian proverb notes that the continuous drip polishes the stone.

In order to see if chemicals are safe for human use, they are often tested by dripping them into a rabbit's eye, and then watching to see what happens.

Find someone who knows how to fix a dripping tap.

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