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Our economy has been affected a great deal by the Asian economic crisisThe state of the American economy has a great effect on the financial situation here in Mexico.

Our economy has been affected a great deal by the Asian economic crisis.

Global warming has had a significant effect on our climate over the last few years.

The new anti-smoking regulations affect everyone because smokers in all public buildings must now go outside to have a cigarette.

Many parents worry about the effect that violent lyrics in rap music may have on their teenage children.

The effect of his music is quite soothing.

I think your essay would be more effective if you made it shorter, and more direct.

The right-wing political parties in our country have been quite effective in promoting their big business agenda.

His parents' divorce had a negative effect on his ability to trust people in relationships.

Scientists have discovered that there is a traditional Chinese herbal remedy which is more effective against certain kinds of malaria than modern medicines.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once noted that life is a perpetual instruction in cause and effect.

Scientists say that apples are more effective at keeping people awake in the morning than coffee.

Studies have shown that eating chocolate has no effect on the development of pimples.

The effectiveness of any medical treatment depends in part on how useful you expect it to be.

Someone once observed that more often than not, a gentle approach to resolving conflicts and attacks is the most effective.

In 1919, Prohibition took effect in America, forbidding the sale or manufacture of alcohol for the next thirteen years.

Control of pollutants at the source is the most effective strategy for maintaining clean indoor air.

In 1795, slaves on Grenada rose up in a violent rebellion, effectively taking control of the island from the British.

A recent study found that moods influence how effectively people accomplish tasks together.

A leader must be able to communicate effectively in order to be successful.

A proper essay addresses its writing task in an effective manner.

Ground motion is the primary effect of an earthquake.

The last ice age had a profound effect upon the settlement patterns of man.

Discussion question: Do you think that colors (of clothing, rooms, whatever) have a strong effect on people and their moods?

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