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In our lives, we all encounter stress and difficulties which we must overcomeIf you encounter a bear while hiking, the best thing to do is to back away quietly.

In our lives, we all encounter stress and difficulties which we must overcome.

They encountered a few problems making themselves understood while travelling in Greece last year.

The secretary encountered a strange man walking in the halls outside the office when she came in to do some work in the evening.

The astronauts encountered a colony of expatriate Martians while working on a neighboring planet.

Jeremy encountered a lot of difficulties trying to bring his new wife into this country from Thailand.

Travis Walton's book about his encounter with a UFO in Arizona in 1975 became the subject of a Hollywood movie called Fire in the Sky.

Averil Coxhead has noted that second language students need to read a lot so they encounter new words many times in context.

For most children, enrolling in school is their first encounter with a formal institution.

A fatal encounter with a grizzly bear has left one man in hospital, and another man dead this morning.

Albert Einstein once said that great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

We encountered a number of difficulties during our week-long hike along the coast, but we were able to overcome each one of them by working as a team.

Laurence Perrine once observed that, like a symphony by Beethoven, a good story should be as good or better on a second or third encounter.

Wind tunnels simulate the conditions a vehicle will encounter when it moves through the air.

Travelling allows you to encounter new ideas, and new ways of living.

Whenever you read a scientific or technical text in English, you will probably encounter many words you do not know.

When Columbus landed on the coast of Honduras, he encountered the descendants of the great Mayan civilization.

In the year 1513, Balboa became the first European to encounter the Pacific Ocean.

We have had a number of encounters with bears while hiking in the woods.

American troops have been encountering strong resistance from the rebel forces.

William Nagy has stated that a single encounter with new vocabulary is not enough to lead to any great depth of word knowledge.

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