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Example Sentences for "enlarge"

We're hoping to build an extension to the house in order to enlarge our kitchen and living room areasThe city is considering draining a small lake in order to enlarge the city dump.

We're hoping to build an extension to the house in order to enlarge our kitchen and living room areas.

The doctor noted that the glands in his neck were enlarged.

The Italian government has committed itself to enlarging their peace-keeping force in the war-torn region by over 200 troops.

We got some old photos of my parents' wedding enlarged for them as a 50th anniversary present.

With this new software, we can enlarge and otherwise manipulate our photos on our computer.

The enlargements for our photos cost us about ten bucks.

I'd like to enlarge somewhat upon the proposal that I brought up at last week's meeting.

We'll need you to enlarge upon what you've said at our next meeting.

Your father has an enlarged liver, though we're not sure why at this point.

The enlargement of the recreation center is expected to cost around $1 million.

They have enlarged the arena to include more seating and a mini practice rink.

The volume of traffic in this area has increased to the point where officials are considering enlarging the bridge.

We couldn't get our photos blown up because the enlarger at the photo store isn't working at the moment.

The human heart grows by enlargement of cells, not cell multiplication, which means that a baby's heart contains the same number of cells as an adult's.

Elizabeth Brown once said that meeting people unlike oneself does not enlarge one's outlook; it only confirms one's idea that one is unique.

John Locke once observed that the purpose of law is to preserve and enlarge freedom.

Find someone who has had enlargements made of photos for someone.

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