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Example Sentences for "enormous"

Russia is an enormous country, the largest in the worldThe visit by the President resulted in an enormous traffic jam.

Russia is an enormous country, the largest in the world.

She lives in an enormous house, with 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and an indoor swimming pool.

C-line Dion is a Canadian singer who has become enormously popular throughout the world.

He sent his girlfriend an enormous bunch of flowers on her birthday.

I have an enormous appetite today.

The simple enormity of cleaning up the world's environment is so great that it is hard not to become totally pessimistic.

The lost campers ate an enormous breakfast of bacon and eggs when they finally found their way back to town.

The blue whale is an enormous animal, the biggest animal ever to have lived on our planet.

Hockey is enormously popular in this country, with thousands of kids playing it every winter.

At more than 100 times the diameter of the Earth, and more than 300,000 times its mass, the simple enormity of the sun is difficult to comprehend.

When rockets are launched, they use enormous quantities of fuel.

Because of the sun's intensity, and the long periods of sunshine year round, vegetable crops in Tibet grow to enormous sizes.

Sudan has an enormous variety of wildlife.

The potential for hydroelectric power on the Congo River is enormous, as the river's water volume is second only to that of the mighty Amazon.

H. H. Munro once said of someone he obviously didn't like, He is one of those people who would be enormously improved by death.

Alexandre Dumas once observed that no matter how hardened to danger a man may be, he always realizes from the pounding of his heart, and the shivering of his flesh, the enormous difference there is between a dream and reality, between a plan and its execution.

In 1755, an enormous tidal wave caused by an earthquake killed thousands of people in Lisbon, Portugal.

Like most large animals, buffalo will show you their side if they feel threatened. This allows you to see how enormous they are, and leave quickly.

The enormous number of photos which have been beamed back from the moon have permitted scientists to map its surface.

Wind is capable of transporting enormous quantities of sand and dust which, when deposited, form many of our planet's distinctive landforms.

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