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You'd better ensure that everything the salesman promises is written into the contractPlease ensure that you have paid your fees in full before classes begin.

You'd better ensure that everything the salesman promises is written into the contract.

Please ensure that you answer all the questions on the test.

You should leave by no later than 8:30 to ensure you arrive at the airport on time.

His long experience, and excellent record ensure that he will rise quickly in our organization.

I would ensure that any agreements you come to during your discussions be included in your written contract, just to be on the safe side.

Please ensure that you turn off all the lights when you leave.

James Baldwin once said that to defend oneself against fear is simply to ensure that one will, one day, be conquered by it because fears must be faced.

In ancient Rome, puppies were sacrificed to ensure a plentiful corn crop.

Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy products will ensure your body gets the minerals it needs.

It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that all passengers in the car who are under 16 are properly secured with seat belts.

Before going anywhere in your car, you should always check the vehicle to ensure that it is safe to drive.

You should have the pollution control devices in your car checked on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly.

The ancient Egyptians physically preserved the dead in the form of mummies in order to ensure a good afterlife.

At the most fundamental level, human social behavior is necessary to ensure human survival.

In 1955, the government of Singapore set up a compulsory saving plan to ensure that people would have enough money for their retirement, or if they lost their job.

Studies show that the lives of millions of mothers and their children could be saved if countries would invest in programs that ensure a healthy pregnancy, and safe childbirth.

Experts say that investing in mothers is key to ensuring the survival and well-being of children, and building peace and long-term change in developing countries.

Please ensure that you drop off your key when you check out of the hotel.

The Hindu religion states that a sound mind ensures a sound body, and a sound body ensures a sound mind.

Sexual activity is unnecessary for individual survival, but it is essential to ensure that our genes are represented in the next generation.

The team's victory in this tournament has ensured them a place in the Olympics next year.

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