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The death of Deng Xiaoping signaled the end of an era for Mainland ChinaIn today's computer era, teachers can easily calculate a student's marks in a few minutes.

The death of Deng Xiaoping signaled the end of an era for Mainland China.

The Reagan era in the U.S. was a time of very conservative fiscal policy.

The post-war era in North America was a time of great growth and prosperity.

The period of the fall of the Berlin Wall was an era of great political change in Eastern Europe.

Albert Einstein remains the greatest scientist of the modern era.

He seems to think that his childhood was an era of happiness and tranquillity, but I think he has a very selective memory.

The dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima signaled the beginning of an era in which man has become capable of destroying all life on our planet.

Following his election to the presidency of South Africa, Nelson Mandela announced, My fellow South Africans, today we are entering a new era for our country and its people.

The calendar in Thailand is based on the Buddhist era, and is therefore 543 years ahead of the western calendar.

In my grandfather's era, everyone knew their neighbors, and people seemed to care more about each other than people do today.

The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center have begun an era of fear in the U.S. that may last for years.

The country has entered a new era with its first democratically-elected President.

An era of democracy began in South Africa in 1994 when blacks took political power in the country for the first time in more than 300 years.

The era of Jiang Zemin formally ended in November 2002, when he retired as General-Secretary of the Communist Party, the most powerful post in China.

While the thirteenth century in Europe was an era of comparative stability and unity, the following century was marked by change and diversity.

Tomoko was born during the Showa era in Japan.

Richard M. Nixon once said, Let us move from the era of confrontation to the era of negotiation.

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