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Standing erect on its hind legs, a grizzly bear can reach up to 8 feet in heightMy children love to erect towers out of blocks and then knock them over.

Standing erect on its hind legs, a grizzly bear can reach up to 8 feet in height.

In 1982, two 250-foot walls of polished black granite were erected in Washington, D.C. to honor the more than 58,000 U.S. men and women who were killed or missing in the Vietnam War.

In August of 1961, East Germany began to erect a five-foot-high wall along its border with the West.

The Mongol conqueror Timur the Lame (1336-1405) left a record of his victories by erecting 30-foot-high pyramids made of the severed heads of his victims.

In 562 B.C., King Nebuchadnezzar erected the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, in honor of his wife.

Protestors erected barriers made of garbage cans and old tires to protect themselves from the police.

The government has erected statues honoring the former President all over the country.

A statue dedicated to Terry Fox was erected at Thunder Bay, where the young man had to stop his cross-Canada run to raise money for cancer.

The Hollywood sign, first erected in 1923, was originally a real estate advertisement.

Many Americans were outraged by plans to erect a monument to honor Vietnam war draft resisters in a town in British Columbia.

Italian rulers of the fifteenth century sought to glorify themselves by erecting impressive palaces and country houses.

It took 300 steel workers two years and 15,000 pieces of iron to erect the Eiffel Tower.

Trajan's Column was erected in Rome to honor his victories over his enemies.

The Arch of Titus was erected in 81 A.D. to honor Titus' capture of Jerusalem and his suppression of a Jewish rebellion.

Tsar Nicholas II reportedly considered erecting an electric fence around Russia.

The little boy had an erection in the bath and was trying to hide it from his mother.

The old man talked to his doctor about getting some medication to help him achieve an erection.

The young boy was quite embarrassed when his friends noticed his erection through his swimsuit.

Roman architecture is known for its triumphal arches, which were erected to celebrate the victories of the Emperor.

Dr. Hugo Keim once suggested that if you believe in evolution, you can trace all of our lower back problems to the time when the first hominid stood erect.

Isidor Feinstein once stated that America is the first country where the common man could stand erect.

Discussion question: Why do you think so many governments are concerned with erecting higher and higher buildings?

Find someone who enjoyed erecting towers out of blocks as a child.

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