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The ocean has been eroding the cliffs at Beacon Hill Park for a number of years nowAfter all the trees were cut down, wind and rain erosion left the side of the mountain completely bare.

The ocean has been eroding the cliffs at Beacon Hill Park for a number of years now.

Our social safety net has been steadily eroding due to conservative social policies practiced by right-wing governments over the last couple of decades.

We must plant trees on the side of the mountain that was logged to prevent serious soil erosion in that area.

Recent scandals have seriously eroded public support for the governor.

If left bare, farmland is quickly eroded by wind and rain.

American politicians complain of the erosion of traditional moral values in their country.

People have been complaining of the erosion of morals in society for hundreds of years, but the fact is things haven't changed as much as people think.

Scientists tell us that due to erosion, Niagara Falls will disappear in 22,800 years.

It takes 500 years to replace one inch of top soil lost through erosion.

Scientists estimate that time and erosion have erased 99 percent of all dinosaur footprints.

Heavy rainfall in mountainous areas can erode large zones in a short time.

River erosion often creates beautiful, deep gorges and wonderful caves.

Much of the island nation of Haiti suffers from extensive erosion due to over-cultivation.

Because there is no wind or water on the moon, the footprints left by the Apollo astronauts will not erode, and should last at least 10 million years.

A new study shows that prolonged exposure to television violence erodes children's natural aversion to violence.

Every lie you tell me erodes my trust in you still further.

Wave action is the major agent of erosion along coastal areas.

The global system of moving fluids at the Earth's surface result in surface processes such as erosion and deposition by running water.

Karl Marx once suggested that all social rules and all relations between individuals are eroded by a cash economy.

John F. Kennedy once noted that peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.

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