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Constant praise helps to build a child's esteemGreg has always been held in high esteem by his colleagues because he always volunteers to help out with any task that comes along.

Constant praise helps to build a child's esteem.

Public esteem for the President is now at its lowest point since he took office.

President John F. Kennedy was esteemed by people around the world.

John's low self-esteem prevents him from applying for good jobs because he thinks no one would ever want to hire him.

The students held their teacher in high esteem because she always made the class interesting and challenging.

He was appointed to the esteemed position of Ambassador to the United States, after a lengthy career in British politics.

His contribution to the organization is greatly esteemed.

Esteem must be founded on preference: to hold everyone in high esteem is to esteem nothing.

He relied too much on the high esteem people had for his father, and not enough on establishing his own reputation for good work and service.

She was held in high esteem by her colleagues until they found out that she had been stealing from the company for years.

The ancient Greek artist Polykleitos of Argos was greatly esteemed by his contemporaries for his sculptures of the human form.

The esteem I have for people is based on what they do, not on what they say they'll do.

A French proverb advises, Speak little and well if you wish to be esteemed a person of merit.

Louis Hart once observed that self-esteem creates natural highs. Knowing that you're lovable helps you to love more.

D. H. Lawrence once stated, I do esteem individual liberty above everything. What is a nation for, but to secure the maximum of liberty to every individual?

Bidpai once remarked that honest men esteem and value nothing so much in this world as a real friend.

Thomas Paine once observed that what we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly.

Francois Duc De La Rochefoucauld once stated that it is hard to love those we do not truly esteem; but it is no less so to love those we esteem a great deal more than ourselves.

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