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The scenes of vast empty landscapes and dark clouds evoked an atmosphere of loneliness and isolationVisiting my old hometown evoked a lot of memories of my childhood.

The scenes of vast empty landscapes and dark clouds evoked an atmosphere of loneliness and isolation.

Research suggests that you can evoke certain emotions or reactions in people by having them listen to certain sounds.

The old man evoked the names of his gods in calling for revenge upon his enemies.

The newest photos of the surface of Saturn's moon Titan evoke the rocky landscape of Mars.

Eric's remarkable photographs evoke feelings of joy and wonder, and simple delight with life.

A recent study suggests that odor-evoked memories may seem clearer or more intense than other memories because they are more emotional than memories triggered by audio, or visual cues.

The set for the play was meant to evoke a sense of fear and dread.

Their evocative marketing images are capturing a lot of attention.

I find that certain smells can evoke stronger memories than a photo is able to.

The old witch evoked the evil spirits to come to her aid.

After our divorce, the children didn't want to see our old house because it evoked too many painful memories.

The melody played on the piano is evocative of a country stream, with the water tumbling over rocks.

The mysterious deaths of several prominent politicians in the former Soviet republics have evoked dark memories of the Stalinist era.

Her music always evokes romantic feelings in me.

William Burroughs once wrote that a partner evoked by sophisticated electric brain stimulation could be as real and much more satisfying than the boy or girl next door.

Charles Baudelaire once suggested that to handle a language skillfully is to practice a kind of evocative sorcery.

Henry Kissinger once suggested that no team sport evokes the same sort of universal passion as soccer.

Ned Rorem once claimed that music is the sole art which evokes nostalgia for the future.

'The Moonlight Sonata' perfectly evokes a calm night bathed in the clear cold light of the moon.

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