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He has starting jogging in an effort to get rid of a little excess weightVitamins are important for our health, but an excess can cause serious health problems.

He has starting jogging in an effort to get rid of a little excess weight.

After cooking the chicken, pour off any excess liquid in the pan.

He was stopped by police after being clocked at speeds in excess of 100 km/h.

Today's video games seem to me to be excessively violent.

He drinks excessively, and his health has suffered for it.

Arnold Glasow once said that your body is the baggage you must carry through life, and the more excess baggage you have, the shorter the trip.

If you drink more than three beers, you'll exceed the legal alcohol limit for driving.

If you exceed the speed limit in a construction zone, the fine is doubled.

Our profits in our first year of business actually exceeded our expectations.

The winning car in the race attained speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour.

Whenever Anne makes a pie, she uses the excess pastry to make turn-overs.

Our budget for the year exceeds $100,000.

Tara was fined $75 for exceeding the speed limit.

We had an exceedingly delicious dinner at my brother's place.

The exam was exceedingly difficult, so most of the students failed.

An excess of fat in your diet can cause heart problems.

Wilbur decided to start a regular exercise program in order to lose a few excess kilograms.

The life of excess lead by rock star Keith Richards has really aged him quickly.

The police were accused of using excessive force when arresting the suspect.

Roman started drinking excessively after losing his job.

The management of this company seems to think it's okay to pay itself excessively high salaries, but they don't want to give their employees a 2% raise.

The man who was arrested claimed the police used excessive force.

If your son's temperature exceeds 38.9 degrees, call the doctor immediately.

When the acid level of a lake exceeds a certain point, the fish that live in it begin to die.

A person with poor kidney function often has trouble excreting excess fluids, and retains them in the body.

Excess body weight is a growing problem in developed nations.

An Iranian proverb states that while yearning for excess, we lose the necessities.

An Arab proverb suggests that the excess of one is the shortage of another.

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