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Our green tea has an exotic, refreshing, fragrant flavorThe pattern on the wallpaper in the kids' room is of a tropical jungle with exotic birds, plants and animals.

Our green tea has an exotic, refreshing, fragrant flavor.

Native plants are disappearing as a result of the introduction of exotic plants which are taking over.

There are a number of restrictions in place on the importation of exotic fruits and vegetables.

Advertising often uses beautiful people in exotic locations to lure people into buying a product.

Peter's new girlfriend is part black, part Polynesian, and part Irish, and she has an exotic beauty that turns heads wherever she goes.

The exotically beautiful jungle of the Amazon is becoming an increasingly popular eco-tourism destination.

He has always been attracted by the mystery and exoticism of the Far East.

The guys went to the bar to see the exotic dancers on Friday.

Years ago, exotic dancers didn't actually take off their clothes in front of men, but would undress behind a screen that showed a shadow of their movements.

The world of Rococo art has been described as a world of grace and fantasy, with a taste for the exotic.

Recently, an exotic dancer in the U.S. was able to deduct the cost of her breast implants as a business expense.

Samuel Johnson once described Italian opera as an exotic and irrational entertainment.

We want to go to some exotic location for our holidays rather than somewhere where everything is the same as back home.

People living in the apartment building are not allowed to have exotic pets such as snakes or monkeys.

The restaurant specializes in exotic meat dishes, including buffalo, ostrich, iguana and snake.

He raises exotic tropical fish from around the world.

Discussion question: Have you ever eaten raw fish? What is an interesting or exotic food you have tried?

Find someone who has spent a vacation in an exotic location.

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