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My son blew up his high school by accident while doing a chemistry experiment in science classAstronauts on the space shuttle are doing a number of experiments on the effects of weightlessness.

My son blew up his high school by accident while doing a chemistry experiment in science class.

We have been experimenting with different kinds of vegetable drinks since we bought an electric juicer.

Many people think scientific experimentation on animals is unacceptable.

When I was in grade six, the school system experimented with open-area schools in which there were no walls between the different classrooms.

Henrik Ibsen once joked, It's inexcusable for scientists to torture animals; let them make their experiments on journalists and politicians.

Eva Gabor once declared that marriage is too interesting an experiment to be tried only once.

Claude Bernard once said that observation is a passive science, and experimentation an active science.

The highest man-made temperature, 70 million degrees Celsius, was generated at Princeton University in a fusion power experiment in 1978.

The historic notebooks in which Marie and Pierre Curie recorded their experiments on radium nearly a century ago are still radioactive.

The results of the experiment were published in a prestigious chemistry journal.

Doctors have discovered a new treatment for diabetes, but it is still in the experimental stage.

The United States conducted its first test of an experimental atomic bomb at 5:30 a.m. on July 16th, 1945.

Isaac Newton began his famous experiments with gravity in 1664.

A quarter century of experimentation with Marxism in the Republic of the Congo was abandoned in 1990, and a democratically-elected government installed in 1992.

Using virtual reality, doctors can experiment with new procedures on simulated patients.

Government figures show that around 2.5 million animals are experimented upon every year in Great Britain.

Individuals who participate in a psychology experiment generally have certain expectations about what will happen.

Discussion question: How do you feel about doing scientific experiments on animals?

Find someone who has performed a scientific experiment.

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