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Some people believe that a fetus learns to recognize its mother's voice while in the wombPregnant women shouldn't drink alcohol because it may harm the fetus.

Some people believe that a fetus learns to recognize its mother's voice while in the womb.

The sex of a fetus can be determined using ultra-sound technology.

The baby was injured in the fetal stage when his mother was in a car accident while pregnant.

We were able to see an ultra-sound image of the fetus when we visited the doctor for my wife's pregnancy check-up.

When I was in high school, we dissected a pig fetus in biology class.

Down's Syndrome can be detected while the baby is still in the fetal stage through a simple test of the amniotic fluid.

Some people believe that life only really begins when a baby can exist independently of its mother, so a fetus cannot really be considered a human being until that time.

Researchers have discovered that the human fetus can hiccough.

During the Paleolithic period, bodies were often arranged in the fetal position for burial.

A one-month-old human fetus is no heavier than an envelope and a sheet of paper.

Tests show that a four-month-old fetus will startle and turn away if a bright light is flashed on its mother's belly.

The brain in a developing fetus grows by an average of 250,000 cells a minute.

The weight of a fetus increases about 2.4 billion times in nine months.

Find someone who has seen photographs of a human fetus.

Find someone who dissected a pig fetus in high school biology class.

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