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We hired a financial advisor to help us organize our company a bit betterThe Minister of Finance has just announced a reduction in personal income taxes for lower income families.

We hired a financial advisor to help us organize our company a bit better.

She enjoys her job, but financially it's not the greatest.

The resignation of the senior administrator is seen as an acknowledgement that the company is in serious financial difficulty.

We need to be a bit more careful with our household finances because our bank balance is getting pretty low.

The government has announced a special program to help finance new small businesses.

Children in this country are often financially independent from their parents by the age of 19 or 20.

My father's company has been experiencing some financial difficulties, so they are going to have to lay off some staff.

Studies show that elderly people are more likely to give financial help to their children than they are to receive it.

A major obstacle to development of the poorer nations is the financing of the very expensive industrialization process.

Dick Cavett once remarked that as long as people will accept crap, it will be financially profitable to dispense it.

There is an African-American proverb which states that romance without finance don't stand a chance.

The original thirteen colonies of the United States were financed with the help of money raised by selling lottery tickets.

The work of the great composer Tchaikovsky was financed by a wealthy widow for thirteen years.

Before the civil war began in Lebanon in 1975, Beirut was considered by many to be the financial center of the Middle East.

Farming in Kuwait is practiced at great financial cost in order to reduce the country's dependence on imported food.

Household finances are generally handled by the women in Burmese society.

The tiny country of Brunei is very dependent on revenues from oil and natural gas to finance its development programmes.

In April of 1992, a bomb planted by the IRA exploded in London's financial district; three people were killed and 91 injured.

In 1931, German industrialists financed the 800,000 member Nazi party.

Men seem to value attractiveness in their mate, whereas women put more emphasis on financial prospects.

Mary Wollstonecraft once suggested that a woman's financial dependence on a man in marriage was 'legal prostitution.'

They have found some interested financiers who are willing to bankroll their new movie.

Financing a new business is a risky operation; you could lose a lot of money.

An anonymous financier has donated over one million dollars to help build a new cancer research facility at the university.

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