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The submarine was silently following a fleet of enemy destroyersHe made a fortune by establishing a fleet of Cadillac taxis here in town.

The submarine was silently following a fleet of enemy destroyers.

Our city's fleet of buses is sitting idle today due to a strike by maintenance workers.

There are over 150 planes in the airline's fleet.

A large fleet of fishing boats set out today, signaling the start of the salmon season.

My grandfather once owned a moving business with a small fleet of 5 trucks.

We met for one fleeting moment, and then she was gone.

Napoleon once remarked that glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.

Hong Kong has the world's largest fleet of double-decker buses.

Spain has had one of the world's largest fishing fleets for centuries.

Britain built a fleet of steam-powered submarines in 1915.

Greece's fleet of merchant ships is the largest in the world.

A Greek proverb remarks that he who plunders with a little boat is a pirate, but he who plunders with a fleet is a conqueror.

In 1509, the Portuguese destroyed the Muslim fleet in the Battle of Diu, establishing Portuguese control of Indian waters.

The first fleet of ships carrying convicts to the new penal colony of Australia left England in May of 1787, arriving the following January.

Naval hero Horatio Nelson led the British to victory over the larger joint fleets of Spain and France at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

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