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It is often difficult for foreigners to feel welcome in my country because there is still a lot of prejudice in our cultureIt's good to know more than one language if you plan on doing business with foreign countries.

It is often difficult for foreigners to feel welcome in my country because there is still a lot of prejudice in our culture.

The U.S. is usually a close ally of Great Britain in foreign affairs.

Winnie has to take a foreign language as part of her Linguistics degree, and says she will probably choose Chinese.

Cloning may some day allow doctors to transplant organs into patients without their bodies rejecting the organ as a foreign object.

The whole idea of arranged marriage is quite foreign to most people in North America.

The President feels that foreign aid to the country must be tied to improvements in human rights.

There is a Norwegian proverb which observes that it is better to be free in a foreign place than a slave back home.

P. L. de Belloy once remarked, The more foreigners I saw, the more I loved my native land.

Bernard Rosenberg once suggested that foreign aid taxes poor people in rich countries for the benefit of rich people in poor countries.

Seneca once said that when a person spends all his time in foreign travel, he ends by having many acquaintances, but no friends.

Pharaohs ruled Egypt from 3110 B.C. until 332 B.C., when Egypt came under foreign rule.

English has replaced Russian as the most popular foreign language studied in schools in China.

Coughing is your body's way of getting foreign substances out of your airways.

Getting a foreign substance in the eye can be very painful.

Karachi is an important shipping outlet for Pakistan's foreign trade.

Discussion question: What do you think foreign visitors to your culture would find the most interesting?

Find someone who has visited five or more foreign countries.

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