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Part of his formula for success has been total ruthlessness in his business dealingsDo you know the formula for calculating pi?

Coca-Cola has a secret formula for its beverage that is only known to a small group of people.

Part of his formula for success has been total ruthlessness in his business dealings.

The chemical formula for water is H20.

The U.S. and Russia must find some formula which will allow both sides to reduce their nuclear arsenals without either side gaining any advantage.

He believes that someday a pattern will be found in the formula for pi.

The oranguatan obviously spent a lot of time and effort formulating his plan for escape from the zoo.

Eddie Rickenbacker once said that there's a six-word formula for success - think things through, then follow through.

Theodore Roosevelt once suggested that the most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.

English philosopher and scientist Roger Bacon introduced a gunpowder formula to Europe in 1242.

The formula for curry was made by the British as an easy way to copy the taste of Indian cooking.

Breast milk is easier for babies to digest than formula.

Rhodesia's Constitution, formulated in 1961, favored whites in power.

He has reformulated his theory somewhat in light of this new research.

The recipe for our cookies has been reformulated to contain less fat.

The teacher wrote the mathematical formulae necessary to complete the test on the board before beginning the exam.

We had to memorize about 20 different formulas for the math test.

The government is formulating legislation to deal with a new phenomenon known as identity theft.

Some scholars suggest that Galileo's book Principia may have contained a general formulation of the concept of gravity.

The film was very boring and formulaic. The was story similar to a dozen other action films I've seen.

The team of scientists had to completely reformulate its hypothesis after analyzing the results of their experiments.

Discussion question: What do you think is the formula for success in life?

Find someone who knows the chemical formula for water.

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