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You can see the fossils of leaves and small animals in these rocks we found at the beachA woman recently found the fossil of one of the biggest dinosaurs that ever lived in a river bed in northern British Columbia.

You can see the fossils of leaves and small animals in these rocks we found at the beach.

The fossilized remains of some of the oldest known human ancestors were discovered by Richard Leakey in Kenya.

If you don't work actively on reducing your accent, your pronunciation problems may fossilize, which could make it almost impossible to improve.

The children were fascinated by the fossilized dinosaur bones of a tyrannosaurus rex.

Scientists believe they have found the fossil of a dinosaur which seems to show evidence of some kind of feathers.

The organization has become fossilized in its ways, and is no longer able to respond to the needs of a modern clientele.

The giant panda first appeared in the fossil record some three million years ago.

Ostriches are believed to be the oldest living birds; their fossils date back to when dinosaurs walked the Earth.

Astronomers can reconstruct the history of our galaxy from the fossil it left behind as it evolved.

The oldest fossils hint that life on our planet began in the oceans.

Shark fossil records date back more than twice as long as that of the dinosaurs.

Chalk is made from tiny plankton fossils.

Cockroaches have lived on earth for 250 million years, and many varieties found today look identical to the fossilized record of their ancestors.

Fossils of insects have been found that are up to 350 million years old, while the oldest human ancestor appeared roughly 5-10 million years ago.

Skiing has existed for a long time; anthropologists have found fossilized skis over 5,000 years old.

The earliest date to which fossils can be traced is 600 million B.C.

In the year 2000, the fossil of a new species of snake with small front and hind legs was found in 95-million-year-old deposits near Jerusalem.

Living fossils are surviving representatives of ancient groups of plants or animals.

Buddhism has not fossilized, and is still evolving to meet the differing circumstances of a changing world.

Find someone who has seen a fossil.

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