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Example Sentences for "foul"

The student was sent to the principal's office for using foul language in classThere is a foul smell coming from the dumpster.

The student was sent to the principal's office for using foul language in class.

The boss is in a really foul mood today, so you'd better stay out of his way.

We had really foul weather when we went camping, and had to cut our holiday short.

You shouldn't take your boat out in this foul weather; it could be dangerous.

I woke up in a foul mood, and have felt grouchy all day for no reason.

Smoke from the factory has been fouling the air around here for years.

Kobe Bryant picked up a foul against Vince Carter in the last minute of the basketball game.

The defenseman was sent off for fouling an opposing player.

In basketball, a player is awarded free throws if someone commits a foul against him.

The opposition committed a foul, so the home team was awarded a free kick.

There was a foul smell coming out of the old house, and when police went to investigate, they found a dead body on the floor of the kitchen.

The batter missed the first two pitches and then hit a foul on the third.

The largest flower in the world has a foul odor which is said to resemble the smell of rotting meat.

74% of American women say their biggest dating turn-off is foul language.

William Randolph Hearst predicted that in the 20th century, The powers of the wind, the sea, the rivers and the sun will be chained so that the air will no longer be fouled with smoke for which men have worn out their lives in coal mines.

William Shakespeare wrote that nothing can seem foul to those who win.

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