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The little girl got fragments of glass in her eye when the windshield of the car was broken by a rockHe broke his leg, and a fragment of bone was sticking out.

The little girl got fragments of glass in her eye when the windshield of the car was broken by a rock.

Grandma loves the Queen, and reads absolutely every little fragment of news about her.

Over the centuries, the Christian religion has fragmented into countless different churches, each with their own interpretation of the Bible.

The mechanic checked the filter for fragments of metal, which would indicate that the transmission was wearing out.

The bullet fragments on impact, sending bits of metal throughout the body.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once remarked that the wise man, the true friend, the finished character, we seek everywhere and only find in fragments.

In April of 2005, a piece of a 31-year-old U.S. rocket body collided with a fragment from a more recently launched Chinese rocket stage about 530 miles above Earth.

Peanut butter meets federal safety standards if it contains no more than 210 insect fragments per 700 grams, which is equivalent to an average size jar of peanut butter.

The army is now using fragmentation bombs, which burst into tiny pieces upon explosion, spreading damage over a much wider area than conventional bombs.

The collapse of communism resulted in the fragmentation of the former Soviet Union.

Emile Durkheim maintained that because science is fragmentary and incomplete, advancing too slowly for impatient people, religion will continue to have an important explanatory role.

The young boy got a fragment of metal lodged in his head after falling from the second floor while playing at a construction site.

There is obviously not a single fragment of truth in the accused murderer's story.

They found some fragments of pottery believed to be over a thousand years old at the site.

A young woman unearthed a number of bone fragments of some kind of dinosaur while digging in the desert north of here.

Sand consists primarily of fragments of rocks.

Fragments of Buddhist statues dating back to the 8th century have been found in Laos.

David Suzuki has observed that communications and telecommunications fragment information, so we no longer recognize the interconnection of everything in the world.

Across the panda's range, habitat is fragmented into more than 20 isolated patches.

David Suzuki has remarked that science can only provide tiny fragmented insights into the natural world.

Over time, through weathering, rock is broken into smaller fragments.

All that survives of the music of Ancient Greece are about 40 complete pieces or fragments of songs.

The fragmentation of old-growth forest breeding habitat has put various bird species in danger of extinction.

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