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Lower interest rates have fuelled a housing boom in the countryScientists are looking for a fuel which will produce energy without polluting the air.

Lower interest rates have fuelled a housing boom in the country.

We had to get the passenger out of the wrecked car before the fuel tank blew up.

The largest part of a rocket is simply a reservoir for holding the vast amounts of fuel needed to get the rocket past our Earth's gravitational pull.

The Prince's meeting with his old lover has once again fuelled divorce rumors.

The number of power stations fuelled by nuclear energy is expected to increase over the next few years.

Researchers are working on a vehicle which actually uses hydrogen fuel, and produces water as exhaust.

Someone once said that teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Just twenty seconds' worth of fuel remained when Apollo 11's lunar module landed on the moon.

There is enough fuel in the tank of a jumbo jet to drive an average car around the world four times.

Next to wood, coal is the oldest of fuels.

The first streetlamps in Canada, fuelled by whale oil, were installed in Montreal in 1815.

During the Second World War, kamikaze pilots departed with only enough fuel for a one-way trip.

Someone once remarked that making drugs illegal is an idealistic policy which, by ignoring the human desires fuelling drug use, only provides vast profits for pushers.

When fuel burns, it is transformed into energy.

A Chinese proverb observes that fuel is not sold in a forest, nor fish on a lake.

An expert recently noted that the world has gradually moved toward cleaner fuels - from wood to coal, from coal to oil, and from oil to natural gas.

Our increasing global population is fueling a demand for more and better food.

We'd better stop and refuel before we go any further. There isn't another gas station for over 50 miles.

Good food provides the body with premium fuel to perform at its peak.

The stars in our sky are slowly but surely using up all their fuel.

Tom Hannah once remarked that tolerance and celebration of individual differences is the fire that fuels lasting love.

Discussion question: What alternative fuels do you think might be used in the future?

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