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Jane's father was a gambler who blew all their money playing the slot machines in VegasHe lost a lot of money gambling at the horse races.

Jane's father was a gambler who blew all their money playing the slot machines in Vegas.

Calling an election right now is a big gamble for the government, with polls showing the Opposition party growing in popularity.

The doctor says that the surgery is a gamble, but without it your grandfather will die.

Tristan gambled his entire paycheck at the casino, and lost it all.

Gambling has become a major source of revenue for governments all around the world.

Dave's parents go to Las Vegas every year to gamble in the casinos, and catch a few shows, and they usually win enough to pay for their holidays.

Gloria Steinhem once said that women's total instinct for gambling is satisfied by marriage.

For many people, gambling becomes an addiction which ruins their lives.

Do you think it is morally justifiable for a government to increase its revenues through state-supported gambling?

There is a Chinese proverb which observes that he who can persuade someone not to gamble has earned money for him.

There is a Yugoslavian proverb which states that nine gamblers could not feed a single rooster.

Gamblers in ancient Greece made dice from the bones of sheep.

A study of gambling found that an estimated $1 million is lost at race tracks each year by people who lose or carelessly throw away winning tickets.

57 percent of Americans have bought a lottery ticket in the last 12 months, making lotteries by far the favorite choice of gamblers.

Australia has more gamblers than any other country, and on average, Aussies bet more than $2,700 per year.

Research suggests that successful language learners are gamblers who are willing to take risks with the language.

In the Bahamas, residents of the island are prohibited from gambling in the island nation's casinos, which are strictly for foreigners.

Someone once joked that Las Vegas has all kinds of gambling devices, such as dice, roulette, slot machines, and wedding chapels.

Discussion question: Do you think legalized gambling benefits our society?

Find someone who has gambled in a casino.

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