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Example Sentences for "glare"

The old woman glared at the children when they ran across her lawn, but she said nothingThe glare of the car's headlights on the rainy streets made it difficult to see.

The old woman glared at the children when they ran across her lawn, but she said nothing.

The old cat glared at the kitten, and hissed when it tried to approach her.

The children were scared of the old man's glare, and avoided meeting his eyes.

The sunlight glared down on the marchers in the parade.

The politician looked nervous in the glare of the television lights.

It was glaringly obvious that Henry wasn't up to the job; he couldn't do anything without help.

The glare from the water made it difficult to see where we were going in our boat.

The cat just glared at me after I stepped on its tail.

There were some glaring errors in his essay that he should have caught before handing it in.

Green colored sunglasses are supposed to be best at cutting glare.

I had never seen such a glaring example of incompetence as with this computer instructor who didn't even seem to know the basics of working with a spreadsheet.

The teacher just glared at me when I asked him if I could leave early to go to the hockey game.

The Inuit use wooden eyeglasses with narrow slits for eyepieces to protect their eyes from glare reflected by ice and snow.

She folded her arms across her chest, and glared at her husband.

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