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There is a popular expression which says that to change the world for the better, you should think globally, and act locallyThe Internet is a global communications network.

There is a popular expression which says that to change the world for the better, you should think globally, and act locally.

An increase in smog throughout the world is believed to be responsible for global warming.

Her great-grandfather was a writer who explored the globe, and wrote a number of articles about his experiences for the major newspapers of his day.

The development of the Internet has created a global marketplace for products.

Some clusters of stars are shaped like a globe, while others are open and uncrowded.

The average distance between stars at the center of a globular cluster is only a few light-months.

Global peace can only be obtained when there are no longer people who are dying of hunger.

They travelled the globe to find interesting artworks to sell in their gallery.

Marshall McLuhan once wrote that the new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global village.

In one year, chickens in America lay enough eggs to encircle the globe a hundred times.

If the Earth's surface were completely smoothed out, both above and below the water, the ocean would cover the entire globe to a depth of 4000 meters.

The first globe to show America was made in 1519.

A micro-brewery here in town has the slogan Think globally, drink locally.

Globally, the tobacco industry is worth US$400 billion.

Our increasing global population is fueling a demand for more and better food.

The global system of moving fluids at the Earth's surface result in surface processes such as erosion and deposition by running water.

Discussion question: What can an individual do to help fight global warming?

Find someone who is concerned about global warming.

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