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The young boy left his bicycle out in the rain for weeks, so it gradually began to rustThe change in height of my children seems gradual to me because I see them everyday, but other people tell us they have grown really fast.

The young boy left his bicycle out in the rain for weeks, so it gradually began to rust.

Learning a foreign language is a gradual but rewarding process.

As night started to fall, the children gradually began to wander off home.

After a sudden decline in the stock market, things are gradually beginning to improve.

We gradually got used to living in a new city.

Adapting to life in a new culture is often a gradual and difficult process.

Pat Riley once said that excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.

Each day is 0.00000002 seconds longer than the day before because the earth is gradually slowing down.

The days are gradually getting shorter as winter approaches.

Through millions of years of volcanic eruptions, the land of Iceland gradually appeared above sea level.

It is gradually getting warmer after a few days of unseasonably cold weather.

The even landscape, and gradual temperature changes of Ukraine keep the country from experiencing extremes of weather such as tornadoes or hurricanes.

With its declining birth rate, Hungary's population is gradually shrinking.

Governmental control of the economy of Tunisia has gradually decreased over the past decade.

The geological evolution of our planet has proceeded according to uniform, gradual processes over an immense span of time.

The surviving literature of Ancient Greece was gradually recovered in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

Changes in musical styles generally take place gradually, in complex ways, and at different times in different areas.

English gradually replaced Latin in services of the Church of England during the 1500s.

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