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They grind their own coffee, so it's really freshI like this caf-. They grind their own coffee, so it's really fresh.

The waiter ground fresh pepper over my pasta dish.

We bought a coffee grinder for my mom for her birthday.

There's a frightening grinding sound coming from the engine of my car.

You should grind your knives; they're getting pretty dull.

It's been a real grind at work this month; overtime every day, and I even have to go in sometimes on weekends.

We ground down the ends of the metal, so they wouldn't be too sharp.

My very first semester at university was quite a grind, but it's much better now.

He put the meat from the bear he shot through a grinder to make sausage.

He ground the block of dry paint into a fine powder.

Historians believe the windmill originated in Iran around 1400 years ago and was used to grind grain.

Birds chew with their stomach; they swallow small rocks to grind up their food because they don't have teeth.

The dentist told me I've been grinding my teeth at night, and it could cause me problems in the future.

In Baghdad in the ninth century, oregano was ground up and used as a food preservative.

Oliver Wendell Holmes once suggested that society is always trying in some way to grind us down to a single flat surface.

Find someone who has ground his or her own coffee.

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