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The wetlands here are a rich habitat for various kinds of birdsMany animals are in danger of going extinct because their habitat is being destroyed as cities spread into wilderness areas.

The wetlands here are a rich habitat for various kinds of birds.

The natural habitat of the lion is the savannah.

Cougars often come into the area because their habitat is being logged.

Introducing animals or plants into a foreign habitat often has disastrous results for the native life of the area.

Jane Goodall studied chimpanzees for many years in their native habitat in Africa.

The natural habitat of the panda bear is the bamboo forest.

Nicholas Ridley once remarked that the English countryside is one of the most heavily man-made habitats in Europe.

The Saint Lawrence River is the southernmost habitat for the Beluga whale.

Crocodiles and their relatives are found in habitats such as swamps, ponds, rivers, lakes and marshes.

Without effective long-term protection, tigers could disappear from their natural habitat within the next decade.

Lobsters intended for the dining table will stay alive outside their own habitat for about two weeks, provided they are kept moist with ice, seaweed, or water.

In Mexico and Central America, more than 65% of the natural habitat of the jaguar has been destroyed, mainly due to farming and deforestation.

Today, habitat destruction, traffic deaths, and attacks by dogs kill an estimated 4,000 koalas yearly.

With the destruction of the forests in Burundi, many wild animals have lost their natural habitat.

In the 1890s, someone predicted that New York City would be abandoned as unfit for habitation by the 1930s.

Studies show that some animal species are already moving from one habitat to another to adapt to warmer temperatures caused by global warming.

Discussion question: What is more important, to save natural habitat for animals or to create employment for people?

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