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Only the hardiest plants are able to survive in this harsh environmentPeople in this country are really hardy; they walk around in t-shirts and shorts when I've got a sweater and jacket on.

Only the hardiest plants are able to survive in this harsh environment.

Mountain goats are very hardy animals which can endure winter temperatures of minus 50 degrees and winds of over 100 miles per hour.

Mosquitoes are the world's hardiest insects, capable of surviving both the cold winters of Siberia and the terrible heat of the equatorial jungles.

These plants are known for their hardiness and can grow in even the poorest of soils.

Those who explored the far north were a hardy group of men who suffered untold hardships in the quest for discovery.

After spending the summer outdoors tree planting, my son came home stronger and hardier than I'd ever seen him.

The Inuit have got to be the hardiest people on the planet, living in ice and snow for several months of the year, through temperatures down to -60 degrees or lower.

This houseplant is extremely hardy; I can go for a month without watering it and it still survives.

Dave is certainly hardier than me. I get chilled quite easily, but he can stay out in the cold all day without feeling it.

She's a hardy supporter of the President and would never believe anything bad about him.

Only the hardiest plants in my garden survived the cold weather last night.

The U.S. Marines are known for their strength, their hardiness and their determination.

A Welsh proverb suggests that three things give us hardy strength: sleeping on hairy mattresses, breathing cold air, and eating dry food.

The flowers we had in our garden didn't survive the winter. They grow best in a warm climate and just weren't hardy enough to grow in our area.

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