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There is a message on cigarette packages which warns that if a pregnant mother smokes, it can harm the babyThe car was almost totally destroyed in the accident, but luckily none of the passengers was seriously harmed.

There is a message on cigarette packages which warns that if a pregnant mother smokes, it can harm the baby.

Drinking alcohol can be very harmful to the unborn child.

Scientists originally claimed that Agent Orange, a chemical used to kill plants, was harmless for people, but now we know that it causes cancer.

The hijackers have not harmed any of the hostages, and seem willing to wait for the government to get its negotiators in place.

The child was completely unharmed in the accident, thanks to his seatbelt.

People used to think that cell phones were harmless, but now we are hearing that they may be bad for your health if used too often.

Our dog looks quite fierce, but he would never harm anyone.

The Greek physician Hippocrates once said that one should make a habit of two things: to help or at least to do no harm.

There is a Sanskrit proverb which holds that you sometimes forget the harm that was done to you, but never the harm you have done to others.

A squirrel can fall over 100 feet and remain unharmed because they use their tails as parachutes to help slow their descent.

The largest fish in the world is the whale shark, which is actually harmless because they eat only tiny plankton.

Drinking a little alcohol is really quite harmless. In fact, some studies have suggested it can even be good for your health.

Most snakes living near water are harmless, though most will bite if cornered.

Discussion question: Which do you consider to be more harmful to society, cigarettes or alcohol?

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