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I think spanking a child is pretty harsh punishment for accidentally breaking a windowThe weather in Russia's far north is extremely harsh in the winter time.

I think spanking a child is pretty harsh punishment for accidentally breaking a window.

The harshness of the living conditions in the work camps caused many young men to quit after a couple of weeks.

The harsh criticism of the play in the newspaper really upset the actors.

This detergent is much too harsh for your silk blouse; it'll ruin it.

This soap is too harsh to use on a baby's skin.

I think the school principal was too harsh in suspending the students for cheating on one test.

A space probe sent to Mars has revealed that although the Red Planet once had water, the environment was so harsh that it may have prevented life from developing.

This homemade wine has a harsh taste.

British colonial policies were extremely harsh in the colony of Kenya.

That's pretty harsh, said Trevor, when I told him I'd flunked my test.

Sloan Wilson once said that it is impossible to treat a child too well. Children are spoiled by being ignored too much or by harshness, not by kindness.

There is a Congolese proverb which states that man is like palm-wine: when young, sweet but without strength; in old age, strong but harsh.

Most whales and other marine mammals avoid the harsh winters of the Arctic, and migrate to warmer waters.

The climate of Mesopotamia was harsh, so its people had to learn irrigation to make the land fertile.

Singer Elvis Presley treated his hair so harshly with dyes and styling products that, by the time he was forty, it had turned totally white.

The countries of the Sahel desert have a harsh and difficult environment.

The weather of Albania is often harsh and unpredictable.

Kuwait has a harsh desert climate with long, hot summers, and temperatures up to 46 degrees centigrade.

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