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The police often seem to hassle young people that are just hanging out on the streets with friendsRegistering for courses is such a hassle, with line-ups, forms to fill out, and all that.

The police often seem to hassle young people that are just hanging out on the streets with friends.

My boss always hassles me to work overtime, but I'd rather spend the time with my family and friends.

It was a real hassle for me to get a credit card because I've never borrowed money from a bank or anything, so I didn't have a credit rating.

Every time a pretty girl goes to a nightclub, she gets hassled by drunks trying to ask her out.

My parents hassled me a lot about doing my homework and stuff while I was growing up, but now I'm happy they did because it taught me good study habits.

We didn't want the hassle of a big wedding, so we got married in our living room, and only invited a small group of family and friends.

We had to change classrooms twice during the session; it was a total hassle.

Finding shoes that fit me is a real hassle because my feet are quite thin, and one foot is actually almost a size bigger than the other.

To maximize your chances of an enjoyable, hassle-free holiday, get informed about your destination before you go.

I'm sorry to hassle you again, but I'm having trouble getting my computer to work, and I was wondering if you could help me.

A good guided tour to England will allow you to visit the maximum number of sites with a minimum of hassle.

Renting a car in London is more of a hassle than a help for a number of reasons.

Daily hassles and environmental factors such as noise are important determinants of daily stress.

Studies show that the more hassles you have to deal with in your daily life, the more likely you will suffer from health problems.

Writing a bibliography for a university essay is such a hassle. You have to follow this really complicated format and the prof takes off marks for even the tiniest little mistake.

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