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They had to pay $50 to have all the old wood and bricks hauled to the dumpWe had to get a tow truck to haul our car out of the ditch.

They had to pay $50 to have all the old wood and bricks hauled to the dump.

The teenager was hauled into the office for swearing at his teacher.

The juvenile suspect was hauled before a judge to face a charge of assault.

The cocaine found by customs agents at the airport last week was the biggest haul of illegal drugs found in the past year.

My kids got quite a haul of candy on Halloween.

We're going to have to haul all these dead trees out of the pond if we want to be able to swim here in the future.

George Lorimer once said that education is about the only thing lying around loose in the world, and it's about the only thing a fellow can have as much of as he's willing to haul away.

It took us hours to chop up the old tree, and haul it out of the yard after we cut it down.

My brother has his own business hauling junk in his pickup truck.

In many Portuguese villages, there is no real harbor, so boats must be hauled over the beach on wooden rollers.

Women in Niger spend much of their time hauling water, gathering firewood, and doing numerous household chores.

In 1476, when the Swiss defeated the armies of Burgundy, they hauled away huge amounts of treasure, including diamonds, silks and cash.

The commercial fishing boats in Yemen are able to haul in large amounts of fish every year.

Five thousand years ago, England's early civilizations cut and hauled huge slabs of stone, and built geometric configurations such as the one at Stonehenge.

The farmer cut down the trees and then used a team of horses to haul them to the site where the house was to be built.

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