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The church hierarchy seems to be against the progressive notions of many of its followersThe culture of my country is based upon a hierarchy, with the King, father, and teacher at the top.

The church hierarchy seems to be against the progressive notions of many of its followers.

Very few women have been able to penetrate the male-dominated hierarchy of most large corporations.

These animals have a social hierarchy which is marked by the presence of a dominant male which gets to mate with the majority of the females.

Abraham Maslow defined a hierarchy of needs which motivate man's behavior.

The hierarchical notions of the traditional culture clash with the democratic principles of increasing numbers of the population.

Ancestor worship is seen as emphasizing the permanence of social hierarchy.

In this hierarchical culture, you must use more formal language when speaking to anyone who has a higher status, whether it be due to age, social position, gender, or whatever.

He has managed to rise up through the party hierarchy through lying, manipulating, threatening, bribing, and intimidating those around him.

Sumo wrestlers have a rigid hierarchy in which newer initiates must feed and bathe the senior members.

Studies show that almost all animal societies display clear patterns of territorial, hierarchical, and sexual inequality.

Political hierarchies can be independent of both social and economic hierarchies.

British society seems to have conserved a bit of the traditional class hierarchy which never really took hold over here in America.

Misako always told me that she disliked the hierarchies inherent in Japanese culture, and came to New York to escape all that crap.

The hierarchical nature of the school system in this country encourages abuses by those at the top towards those below them.

Laurence J. Peter once suggested that in a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.

Mason Cooley once stated that every seeming equality conceals a hierarchy.

C. Wright Mills once noted that in the world of the celebrity, the hierarchy of publicity has replaced the hierarchy of descent, and even of great wealth.

Andrea Dworkin once said that every social form of hierarchy and abuse is modeled on male-over-female domination.

Starhawk once remarked that each being is sacred - meaning that each has inherent value that cannot be ranked in a hierarchy or compared to the value of another being.

Business executive John Sculley noted that in the industrial age, the CEO sat on the top of the hierarchy, and didn't have to listen to anybody. In the information age, you have to listen to the ideas of people regardless of where they are in the organization.

LeCorbusier once suggested that the materials of city planning are: sky, space, trees, steel and cement - in that order, and that hierarchy.

Our society seemingly believes in a hierarchy of value for different life forms, which allows us to kill or torture other animals for our own benefit.

In December of 1989, the leader of East Germany's Communist Party and the entire party hierarchy voted themselves out of office.

Employers are now beginning to comprehend the notion that an employee's needs may change depending on his or her place in the management hierarchy.

Discussion question: Would you classify the society of your country as hierarchical? Explain.

Find someone who lives in a hierarchical culture.

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