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The school bus was hijacked by the father of a young boy in the school, and driven to the borderAll airports now have metal detectors to make sure passengers are not carrying weapons which could be used to hijack a plane.

The school bus was hijacked by the father of a young boy in the school, and driven to the border.

Police report that the hijackers who took over the cruise ship have surrendered without harming anyone.

The hijacking of an airliner ended without incident this morning.

The Opposition claims the Prime Minister is trying to hijack the committee to serve his own purposes.

During the hijacking of the plane, a group of passengers were able to overpower a man claiming he was carrying a bomb, and the plane was landed without further incident.

One of the men at the meeting was able to hijack the agenda, with the result that we spent the entire hour spent discussing his own concerns.

A military truck was hijacked by guerrillas, and driven into the jungle.

The protest was hijacked by a group of troublemakers, who turned the peaceful demonstration into a violent confrontation with police.

In one of the darkest moments of American history, four airliners were hijacked by terrorists, and then crashed into the Pentagon, and the World Trade Center.

After the ship was hijacked, the terrorists killed a hostage, and threw him overboard.

Community activists throughout the world have been hijacking busy streets, major intersections and even stretches of highway, for spontaneous public gatherings.

In October of 1990, 127 people were killed when a hijacked Chinese airliner crashed into two parked jets at Guangzhou airport following an explosion on board.

The men who hijacked the airplanes that later crashed into the WTC on September 11th, 2001, were armed with box cutters.

Discussion question: Should the government negotiate with terrorists who commit hijackings?

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