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The horn on my car doesn't work, so I can't beep at anyonePlease don't honk the horn when you come to pick me up; my parents hate the noise.

The horn on my car doesn't work, so I can't beep at anyone.

Every year, a number of tourists are injured by the horns of the bulls during the annual running of the bulls through the streets of Pamplona, Spain.

The horns of the cow were decorated with ribbons at the county fair.

Young goats at the petting zoo have their horns cut off to avoid hurting other goats or visiting children.

The buttons on this blouse are made from the horn of some kind of animal.

The soldier blew his horn to start the charge against the enemy.

We don't have enough people in the horn section of the orchestra; we need another trombone and a trumpet.

Everyone was blowing horns, and banging pots to celebrate the New Year.

Henry Morgan once joked that a careful driver honks his horn as he goes through a red light.

Giraffes are the only animals born with horns.

The water buffalo has the largest horns of all living animals, with the largest horns on record, measuring over 4 meters from tip to tip.

Boromir blew his great horn to call for help as the orcs began to attack him.

The rhinoceros uses its horn not only in battles for territory or females, but also to defend itself from lions or other attackers.

If enemies attack rhinos, they charge at them, horn first.

Buffalo will often rub their horns on the ground to threaten an opponent.

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