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Hummingbirds are the only bird which can hover continuously in one placeThe helicopter hovered over the fishing boat and threw down a ladder.

Hummingbirds are the only bird which can hover continuously in one place.

My mother-in-law is always hovering over me when I'm cooking supper, making suggestions and trying to tell me what to do.

The angels hovered over the bed of the child, praying for her recovery.

The Canadian dollar is hovering around 80.70 cents US, down 0.34 cents from Wednesday's close.

The eagle hovered in the sky, readying itself to swoop down and snatch up a mouse.

We could see a bunch of seagulls hovering over this one spot in the water, so we figured there must be a lot of small fish near the surface there.

Interest rates seem to be hovering at about 2.5%.

The little girl became nervous when a couple of bees began hovering over her bouquet of flowers.

I hate it when salesclerks hover over me. I wish they'd just let me look around without bothering me.

The birds hovered in the sky, looking for a safe place to land.

The mother hovered over her children, always ready to help if the need arose.

The spacecraft hovered above the planet for a few minutes before touching down.

I could see the ghost of my dead father hovering above my hospital bed, and I imagined he was waiting to take me with him.

The nurse hovered over the sick child, checking to see if he had fallen asleep.

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