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Example Sentences for "hurl"

The old woman hurled abuse at the teenagers who had run though her garden stealing strawberriesThe young boy hurled his eraser across the room and hit his friend in the head.

The old woman hurled abuse at the teenagers who had run though her garden stealing strawberries.

The monster began picking up cars and hurling them at the soldiers.

The Roman god Jupiter was the god of the sky, the bringer of light, hurling lightning bolts down on the world when displeased.

The outfielder hurled the ball towards the infield.

During the accident, the driver was hurled from the car, and was later found about 30 meters from the vehicle.

Furious, she hurled her wine glass across the room, hitting her husband in the chest.

The boys hurled their pillows at one another from across the hotel room.

A huge rock came hurling down the hill towards us and almost hit my friend.

The soldiers were being attacked by a mob of youths hurling rocks and bottles.

One of the men grabbed the grenade before it exploded, and hurled it back at the enemy.

The crowd hurled insults at the governor as he came out of the convention center.

After drinking a bottle of tequila, he hurled in the car.

My friend got totally hammered at the party and then hurled all over himself.

If you think you're going to hurl, run to the bathroom because I'm not going to clean up your puke.

Freud once suggested that the first human who hurled an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization.

The train crash hurled passengers down the aisles, killing ten and injuring over 180.

He hurled the disc over 70 meters.

The teacher hurled a piece of chalk at a student who was sleeping in class.

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