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A nylon thread is stronger than a steel wire of identical weightIdentical twins develop from the equal division of a fertilized egg.

A nylon thread is stronger than a steel wire of identical weight.

They live in a housing development where all the homes look identical.

The bridesmaids wore identical pink and green dresses.

The bicycle he bought was identical to that used by the winner of the Tour de France.

When they first started out, the Beatles dressed identically in gray suits and ties.

Identical twins do not have identical fingerprints.

The genetic material of humans and chimpanzees is 98% identical.

Cockroaches have lived on earth for 250 million years, and many varieties found today look identical to the fossilized record of their ancestors.

Robert Orben once suggested that a graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that 'individuality' is the key to success.

Although the leading causes of death for men and women are identical, men exhibit higher death rates.

Fran Lebowitz once remarked, I've done the calculation, and your chances of winning the lottery are identical whether you play or or not.

Antoinette Brown Blackwell once stated that the sexes in each species of being are always true equivalents - equals but not identical.

No two individuals of the same species are identical.

The illegal immigrants tore up their passports and other papers in order to hide their identities.

The identities of the victims have not yet been determined.

The two children were identical except for the color of their eyes.

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